I have never been one of those people to just accept things at face value. I analyze everything to death. When I came to faith in Christ, I didn’t just hear the Gospel presented in church and then say that I believed. I read the Bible under my covers with a flashlight every night for weeks, soaking up every word and asking every question I could possibly think of in my adolescent mind.

My thoughts always run in pairs: Will I or won’t I? Is she or isn’t she? Good or bad? Right or wrong?

God always has one response: I AM.

There are endless things that I don’t understand. Great heartaches, unanswered questions . . . why, Lord?


But what am I supposed to do? Does anyone understand?


I’m thankful that God can handle my questions, and that they often lead me to even greater faith. I’m even more thankful that I am not, but I know who is.

Sometimes God answers my questions at length, and sometimes He simply says, “I AM.” Sometimes those two little words are more comforting than a million other words He could say.


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