The Adventure

Note: I’ve always been one to analyze my life in great detail, to wonder if I’m making a difference in the world, to ponder life’s greatest mysteries and questions until my brain hurts. So lately I’ve been thinking about what I would say or do if I found out I only had one week left to live, and I began writing a series of blog posts along those lines. This is part 3: The Adventure.

Should I find myself being told that I only had one week left to live, I’d take care of my Living Will and Testament, I’d write letters to several people, and then I’d head out on The Adventure. I’d probably call it something cool to myself, like Operation Nearing Death: The Big Adventure In My Last Days On Earth. But people don’t like to talk about death, so I’d shorten it for their sake.

I’d sell or give away everything I own, and then I’d fly overseas. I’d visit The Shire in New Zealand, play with kangaroos in Australia, ride a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, run through yellow fields in Scotland, and meet Adele for lunch by the Tower Bridge in London (I want to ask her if she knows Jesus…I really want her singing next to me in heaven). I’d photograph as much of the world as I could in a few days. I’d smile at every stranger I pass, and I’d hug anyone who looked sad. I’d do things I’m afraid of, like reading at an open mic night or singing on a street corner or telling people how I really feel about them. It would be a rather brief adventure, because one week is a rather limited timeframe, but I’d suck every last bit of marrow out of life that I possibly could.

Then I’d spend my last hours with people I love. I’d tell them not to grieve for me as those who have no hope, because Christ in me is the hope of glory. I’d beg them one last time to make the most of their days, to love unconditionally, and to seek God in all things. I’d ask if I had any wrongdoings still hanging around out there for which I would ask forgiveness, and I’d seek to be at peace with all men. I’d give a lot of kisses, hold a lot of hands, and look into a lot of eyes while I still had the chance.

And then I’d drink a Dr. Pepper, eat some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, and wait to see the face of Jesus. He is where the true adventure lies anyway. I’m just thankful I got to experience life with Him here.


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