More Than Enough

Yesterday my best friend in Virginia called and asked what I was up to. “You’re going to laugh. I’m ironing a bag full of men’s Hawaiian shirts.” And then she cracked up before saying that it sounded like the beginning of a good story.

The story is that God continues to provide for me, even through tacky Hawaiian shirts. My job has been a flop so far. I’ve had no regular income in over a year. But every time a bill comes due, the funds suddenly come through to pay it. I’ve already sold just about everything I own that isn’t necessary for living, so I was trying to thrift-and-flip stuff that might bring in a little extra money. Then friends started giving me stuff to sell. And then friends of friends started giving me stuff to sell. The little corner of the garage that I’ve taken over is full of donations from wonderfully generous people, and I’m working on turning their donations into cash from the good people of craigslist.

Some dear friends put me on their cell phone plan to save me that monthly expense. Others have given money through my church, taken me out for lunch, purchased practical things that I need, hugged me a little tighter and longer than normal, prayed with me, and loved me through a very trying and uncertain season. And I’m sure there are many other things that I’m forgetting right now. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude. My tears are about all I can offer tonight.

It’s been a really hard week. I had some really bad nights of pain that kept me awake, and I didn’t feel like being social or happy. Actually, I was tempted to feel sorry for myself. But I just keep redirecting my mind to these examples of provision. Bad nights don’t last forever. I am blessed.

So did you know that apparently certain brands of men’s Hawaiian shirts are popular on eBay? Go figure. As I ironed a bag full of them yesterday, I decided that God has a pretty good sense of humor, even in His provision.

They say that gratitude turns everything into enough. Well, I have more than enough. Thank you.


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